Arguments in Favor of Sport Hunting


Hunting had been prime time activity for early human life. But, with the evolution of human life, culture, tradition, mindset, hunting has long been left behind. For a few people, hunting means killing for the apparent pleasure of stalking and killing, taking antlers and cape for a prized trophy and leaving the meat to rot.

And for some, it is waste of time and lack of respect for animal life. They believe sport hunting is immoral, profligate, and pointless in today’s modern life time.

There are many benefits of hunting; hunters have been conservationists for a long period of time. Here are some of the arguments in favor of sport hunting.

Arguments in Favor of Sport Hunting

Survival of the fittest: For hunters, sport hunting is merely a game, a tradition they want to keep alive for many generations to come. This sport helps them to test their abilities and skill.

For an adventurous hunter, it is not about the fun or entertainment value of killing an animal; rather it is about the survival in the woods, and outwitting their prey. It is a long process, you need to study and understand your prey, their behavior, tracks and mark their habits. Learning new equipment and the ability to use them is a must for every wildlife hunter.

Create a balance of nature: Hunting is also good for conservation. By reducing the number of an already over populous animal species, hunters help to maintain a balance of nature. Otherwise, it would slowly run out of food sources and shelter for the animal survival. Population control is necessary to make sure there is a quicker and less painful death than suffering from disease or starvation.

Improve ecological and economic sustainability: Many ecologists, officers and hunting professional have time to time insisted on the fact that hunting helps in improving ecological and economic sustainability.

As it is operates under strict rules and creates larger tax revenue, it is considered as a feasible tactic for wildlife conservation.

Stay connected with your own body and with nature: Like many other sports, hunting is an amazing education for your mind and body connection. It provides unlimited time to clear the mind. As you are away from the city life, there is no rush to complete your task, no deadlines or schedules; people can get an excellent opportunity to interact with the natural environment which is hardly found in the urban part of the world.

As you improve at hunting, the feeling of mastery improves your own confidence, but at the same time shows you how to respect your own body, those of others, and those in nature. It is the same with sport fitness training of any other kind, which can be learned through guides like those at Piranha Sports Fitness. Hunting is a difficult sport, and through consistent training, you learn a lot about your own mind and the connection to the body.

Nature moves at its own pace, this interaction will create a deep and spiritual connection between you and the wild, like that found in the wisdom of native Americans.

The joy of sharing: Almost every US state has a rule that assists hunters in sharing their bounty with others who either need or want a high-protein, low-fat game meat.

Storing and sharing your game meat with co-hunters, family and friends is a great method in creating new friendships, and also strengthening the existing relationships. Sharing is a great feeling. It reflects positive action and provides a really good example for young hunters.