Canadian Caribou Hunting


Canada is a country in North America that stretches from south of the United States to the Artic Circle with its capital in Ottawa. Caribou is a term used to refer to subspecies, populations and herds of Rangifer tarandus or reindeer (in Europe and Eurasia). Hunting is the chasing and killing of wild animals for food or sport, hence this piece will indulge in the details of chasing and killing caribou for sport in Canada.

Caribou Outfitters In Canada

One of the caribou outfitters in Canada is Manitoba Out in northern Manitoba that guarantees success of a hunt. Here, the Caribou from the central grounds that are in migration are hunted as they are en route to feed in the south for the winter. Hunting is done by boat, on foot or using blinds on the trail of migration.

Another outfitter is Arctic. It’s known for hunting of big game and specializes in Ground caribou hunts in the central barren lands. It is home to permanent comfortable camps plus mobile tented camps. Priority is placed on bulls for trophy and high hunting success in the hunt of the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd on the Nunavut wilderness.

Third is Newfoundland Out where the density of Woodland Caribou is high. Moose hunting in Newfoundland is also very popular, as the Moose have an overpopulation problem. Hunting operations are undertaken from the camps that are outlying and the lodge with 100% success rate in trophy hunting.

Caribou Hunting Tips And Methods

It is important to note that caribou hunting methods should be taught by an expert outfitter. Hunters require to be transported to the hunting bush by air where they are met by an outfitter with an experienced guide who is meant to lead the hunt. The transport planes are also used to transport the trophies and meat back to the depature destination as evidence of the hunt.

Caribou hunts are mainly done on horseback as horses can cover large distances through bog, muskeg and moss that are quite hard to maneuver for a hunter on foot. The horses carry the meat and trophies back after the hunt. Caribou meat is very tasty but happens to age faster than other wild game meat hence fast transportation to destination of consumption is important.

Travel in caribou country can be undertaken by the bush tractor which when coupled with horses can reach otherwise remote and inaccessible areas. The tractors are handy in carrying heavy hunting equipment and the hunted game.

The hunt starts with locating the caribou by reaching an open area that is high, preferably above the timberline. The area is surveyed using binoculars of high quality and in the event that caribou is spotted hunters move within a range that a riffle can kill the game and begin to stalk the herds. Owing to unpredictable caribou movements they should be observed for about half an hour to determine direction of movement before hunters move in on them.

Caribou hunts are not for the faint of heart but are definitely an amazing life experience. If you are one to seek adventure, this is definitely one to pursue.