Hunting With Sligshots

Is the slingshot suitable for hunting small or big game? This video will help answer this question, and we’ll provide the pros and cons of slingshot hunting.

Of course one of the Great aspects of the slingshot is that it is low-maintenance and can be carried easily. You can think more of other aspects of hunting rather than your weapon when you have a slingshot prepared.

Slings and ammo

The most important considerations when using a slingshot to hunt are your slings and your ammunition. The actual slingshot to use isn’t that important as long as it is sturdy and usable. If it provides a good grip and it is solid when you pullback on the sling, then chances are it is a decent sling shot. If you want to ethically harvest game with a slingshot the most important things you need to worry about are the slings and the ammo.

They need to be able to generate a certain level of energy that is well controlled. You cannot be too powerful, and it cannot be too weak. You need to be able to make kill precisely and without too much pain,  just like you would with a gun or a bow. But because a gun and a bow are more standardized, you don’t typically need to worry about how much power you were using.